Twisted Axle Car Club gathers and rolls out to the 5th Annual Pied Piper car show hosted by the Hoodrats car club in Warren, Michigan.

Cars and trucks from all over the Motorcity show up for this event. A very diverse showing of vehicles and styles makes this show one of the best in the area.

The band called the Hi-Views played some killer tunes and kept the crowd pumped. Come with me as we take a tour of the entire show. I had some prior

engagements so I was not able to get the awards ceremony, but I hear it was awesome. What an amazing day with friends and family from all over the area.

Car Clubs of honorable mention were: The Hoodrats, Dead Last car club, Suspects car club, Piston Jammers, DYS car club, Twisted Axle car club, The Taints,

Ride-N-So-Low car club, and I am positive I am missing a few. Check out the show. Subscribe!!!! The season is HOT and the vids will be coming at you from the Motorcity.


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