Today was a great day for a car show, and the Hoodrats car club did a real nice job putting on a fun day of cars, camaraderie, food and live music. The show did not disappoint and brought a lot of Detroit area car clubs together. Clubs like the Hoodrats, Hootlums, Dead Last, Twisted Axle, Taints, Ridin’ so low. I am sure I miss a couple from the list. We are all in this hobby together and today it felt like we were all one. We met a lot of people and saw a lot of creativity and cars that we haven’t seen in a while all in one place. The Hood rats car club is a Detroit area club, who attend many shows in the area and their style is typically pre-65 American cars with a rat rod flare.


2024 Will Be a GREAT Car Cruise Season! Come Hang With The Club!