Sweden has a strong car culture. And not just any cars; American cars! They drive them, restore them and respect them. When car season hits they drive the cars all over the country.

Even when gas prices are high, they drive. It is a major part of their culture and what they do. Young and old! When I traveled to several collections and car enthusiasts houses you saw Americana everywhere.

James dean and Marilyn Monroe cut-outs. The statue of Liberty. The stars and stripes. Leather jackets and people looking to go to a sock-hop. I never expected so many American cars in one place.

And there is an ever bigger love for the fin cars of the 50’s. I saw more rare, original and fully restored American vehicles there than at a show in Detroit. It was amazing! I can’t wait to go back. In the

US we have more muscle cars roaming around, from what I could tell. One thing that was odd compared to the US was they all behaved themselves, except for the excess drinking, and drinking while in

the car. As long as the driver was sober. But there were no burnouts, no people pulled over, no screeching tires. Wild! My friend Mats Gullix gave us the grand tour and welcomed us into his house.

And we had never met him before. The terrain was so much like Michigan, that I thought I was in Michigan at times. Mats is part of our family and he treated us like family. He is definitely one with Twisted Axle.


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