The Detroit is ready to go!!!! We have a great car culture and many different clubs in the area, as well as a

very diverse selection of automobiles. We are the Motorcity after all. I plan to hit a variety of shows this

season and would like to hit the west side (west of woodward) more this year. From rat rods to show

cars….and everything in between….creativity is oozing around here. LOL. Literally. There is just so much to

see and several different events to go to on just about any given day. Make sure you LIKE and SUBSCRIBE,

because I am just getting started and have so many ideas for this season. Thank you for watching For my

Metro Detroit people: Have a video idea you would like to do? Maybe I can help you. Send me a message or

leave a comment.



2024 Will Be a GREAT Car Cruise Season! Come Hang With The Club!