Scot/Jennifer Bigelow


1972 Dodge demon

Owned this car since:
2022 January

Specifics on this automobile:
(engine, trans, stock/modified, what’s been done to it, etc.)
1972 Dodge demon
was 340 4 speed car and converted to 402 727 automatic per my dad’s wishes.
This car was purchased by my father 25 years ago. After he passed back in 2021 the car was sitting at my oldest brother’s house, and he was no longer interested in keeping the car. I was blessed enough to acquire this car and keep in in the family. this one is very special to me and my collection.

why did you buy this car?
sentimental reasons and I have always just loved this car from the minute I put eyes on it.

1974 Dodge Dart!!!!

1974 dodge dart gen 3 hemi
started life as a 318 and has evolved ever since. was full race car at one time but turned back to street to enjoy with my son.

why did you buy this car?
it was the car I cruised in with my best friend in high school. I had the opportunity to acquire the car, so I did. the car was repainted, and a bunch of metal work completed, could use a update but it’s good for a streetcar.

2020 Dodge Challenger 1320 Edition

2020 Dodge Challenger 1320
392 Gen 3 Hemi
very fun car and very comfortable to cruise. this is probably the best car i have owned over the last 40 years. Its fast for a 4000lb plus car. just a hoot to drive.

why did you buy this car?
it was a bucket list car that i wanted for a while. once the advertised the 1320 package on the challenger i was on the hunt for one. it took a few years to pull the trigger but my wife and i did. this one is a very low production number and is a very unique car for the 1320line up in 2020. only 908 were produced in 2020 and only one is a non-wide body, no sunroof non wide body with black leather Alcantara interior F8 green in color.


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