Americo Tucci


1988 S10 Blazer

Owned this car since:

Specifics on this automobile:
All Modifications Done by Me

388 Stroker

Built 700r4

Modified Dash Panel Fitted W/ Iroc Console..

Replaced Floor Pans

And many more mods to come.

why did you buy this car?
I grew up spending my summers taking care of my grandparents in Kalkaska Michigan from ages 5-16. I grew up learning to drive at the age of 8 in a 1986 s10 blazer 4×4 during the hunting seasons on the way out to my grandpa’s blind.  It was a sentimental time driving my grandfather’s 86 through high school, i always wanted to do a swap but it was a 4×4 and it wasn’t my end goal
During my time in high school in the 10th grade i found a 1988 s10 blazer and it was military green with a sbc 307 with a weiand 142 roots backed by a turbo 350 and mag wheels. it was 3000 dollars and I didn’t have the money. 3 years later i see the same 1988 only it was now flat black with the same 307 and turbo 350 but with out the blower as the owner put it on his 57 Chevy. but it still had the mag wheels. And kept the hood and scoop combo. i pulled the trigger and bought it and became close friends with the owner over the years. its not pretty and couldn’t justify the money on a cowl hood so its a little hp robbing with the current scoop/filter setup without the blower, but its mine and I’m happy with the smiles per gallon.

additional things you want to add (optional)
A little about my background

– Chaplain w/ Racers For Christ
– Automotive Machinist
– Trans/Engine Builder
– Crawler/mobile Crane Mechanic
– Diesel Truck & Heavy Equipment Mechanic
– Automotive Mechanic
– Musician (Saxophone/Accordion)
– 100% Italian
– Enjoys Spending MORE time Cruising  than sitting. Enjoys meeting other enthusiast. looking to meet in the future


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