Are you using Remflex exhaust gaskets? If you haven’t tried them you probably should next time you need to change them out.

Get the right exhaust manifold gaskets the first time! Here I give a review on some Remflex exhaust manifold gaskets. They have flange and header collector gaskets too. Remflex has a product for the most popular automotive brands out there. These are the best in my opinion and the twisted axle guys have been using them for years. They are made of graphite (crystalline carbon), so you are not going to be blowing these out. They can withstand higher temps than many of the other gaskets on the market. Copper won’t form fit like these will either. Why stack two sets of gaskets or use RTV and make your ride look nasty. Sure it may work…for a while, but why not use the correct stuff the first time. Replacing manifold gaskets is time consuming and definitely no fun. Do the job right!. Check out for their products. Also, check out and twisted axle car club on Facebook,  Instagram and even on Tik Tok. Have a product you would like reviewed and tested? Contact us here  or on social media. Thank you for watching. SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss more product reviews or our other content. Disclaimer: Remflex sent us these gaskets for our review.


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