Homepage Top Ad Spot


Homepage Top Ad Spot.

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Homepage Top Ad Spot.
(above the slider, “The Latest Action From The Motor City’s Part of The World!”).
Ad sizes are (up to) 1000 pixels wide by 200 pixels high.
(Minimum size for this area is 500 pixels wide by 100 pixels high).

Ads run in the order received, your ad will appear in the next available time slot, for the chosen space, if currently taken.
Longer term discounted rates are available (minimum 6 month runs) if desired (contact us before you purchase this spot).

ONLY purchase this IF your ad is ready to run (or you are also purchasing ad design with this).

You will be contacted after purchase on how to submit your ad.
You will also be notified when exactly your ad will run, if not immediately.
We can use your existing ad hosting spot, or we will place on ours.

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