Mopar Wednesday at the Donut Cutter on Woodward Avenue is an event that started a long time ago. I remember seeing it on social media when I restored my car.

The event is going stronger than ever and happens during Woodward week. The interesting part to me is that the owners of the Donut Cutter had no idea how the event started, so long ago.

They mentioned that the cars “just show up”. I inquired more into the how’s and whys of this event and realized that the Mopar/muscle car community basically shuts off the business to the

Donut Cutter from their regulars. Sure we bought baked good ourselves, so that helped, but I didn’t feel that was really fair to them. This is a family business. The Twisted Axle Car Club decided

they would do their best to improve the situation. Not only was the attendance increased, but they raised money to give back to the Donut Cutter for the use of their lot and provided pizza to everyone in attendance.

The feedback I have gotten has been tremendous. The event is truly one of the highlights of Woodward week in my opinion. If you were out there I hope you had a good time.

I tried to make my rounds and talk with people and welcome back our friends from distant lands like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Canada. I will see you all this week as the main event approaches.

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