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The Twisted Axle Car Club has 2 levels of membership:
“Premium Octane”  for $40 yearly (membership)
“High Octane”  for $80 yearly (membership + shirt + long TACC decal + other specials)

NOTE! Our membership period runs from January 1st through December 31st of each year.
ALL memberships expire on December 31, regardless of WHEN (what date) you actually join.
The membership rates remain the same throughout the year no matter when you initially join.
(Join on Jan 1, membership expires Dec 31; join June 15, membership expires Dec 31; join Dec 1, membership expires Dec 31).

ALL Club members are required to display the car club decal and TACC clothing at any official club event, so it’s recommended that new members select the  “High Octane”  choice.
(new members may select  “Premium Octane”  for now, but will be required to purchase the decal and shirt at a later time)

Existing club members may select the  “High Octane”  choice if they desire a new T-shirt and decal, otherwise they should choose  “Premium Octane“.

TACC tries to maintain some reasonable standards for club membership, stated within the By Laws, which are strictly adhered to.
Members are expected to follow these basic “rules of conduct” created within the By Laws.
(Please take a moment to read them BEFORE you decide to join, click the “By Laws” link)

The TACC group is mainly about classic vehicles, hot rods & muscle cars, generally 25 years or older.
If your automobile fits that description, you will probably fit in well with the car club.
(your brand new Prius, no matter how nice it is, probably isn’t going to be a good match within this car club)
ANY brand or model of domestic or foreign vehicle is welcomed into the group.
We prefer no leased cars being admitted to the club.
Special exceptions may be made for special vehicles (Demon, Lambo, some rare car, etc.), and anything unusual will be considered.

*** Your acceptance into the group will be “finalized” after we review your application, and after a brief meeting with our car committee, which is performed AFTER the steps below.
(the meeting will be done at a mutually beneficial time)


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For  “Premium Octane Membership”
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For  “High Octane Membership”
($80/yr),  click THIS button:


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THANK YOU for your continued support of the Twisted Axle Car Club, and Twisted Axle Motorsports.


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