The low rider display at Detroit Autorama is getting larger every year and the local clubs are getting together to show off their pride and joy. These custom rides and bikes are so cool to see. Hot rodding and the car hobby are all about making your ride your own and these guys and gals let it all hang out. Some like it stock and some like it radical. The “Low Life” is a style all it’s own and has been popular for a long time in various parts of the world. I am actually seeing more and more of them…..and the bikes in Detroit. The scene is growing! You can see these rides regularly during the summer downtown near the Grand Central train station downtown. I give a lot of respect to these guys for driving what they build. I can surely appreciate the paint, design, engraving and the custom touches of these vehicles. Check them out with me. Lets walk around the display. Like and Subscribe!!! Don’t miss out on the 2024 Detroit car scene!


2024 Will Be a GREAT Car Cruise Season! Come Hang With The Club!