Jeff Barello


1972 Plymouth Duster

Owned this car since:

Specifics on this automobile:
Fuel injected 440, 727 transmission with an 8 3/4 rear with 3.91 gears.  The car is mini tubbed to fit 315’s out back and has a full QA1 suspension under it with 4 wheel disk brakes.

why did you buy this car?
Funny story, I didn’t buy this car.  I was looking at getting a fox body Mustang to use as a donor car for a Factory Five Cobra kit car.   While I was looking at them, I came across a couple Dusters and Darts and my fiancée at the time noticed me looking at them.  She went on her own and found this car and bought it for me.   Needless to say, I no longer looked for a Mustang!  This one was caged and set up for the  drag strip when I got it and I have since turned it into a corner carver.

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