The car season is in full effect in the Motorcity. On Sundays car clubs and car enthusiasts from all over metro Detroit show up at Leason’s Dairy Bar and Grill for some cool treats, music and cars with their friends.

The weather is starting to get much better and we are ready to get the cars out. Just about any day you can find some sort of car event/gathering in the Motorcity. Come with me and check out Leaon’s largest gathering so far.

These shows haven’t been going on that long, but we are kind of starting to run out of space. Good problem to have I guess. Well we have more grass space near the road. Leason’s Dairy Bar and Grille is in Warren,

Michigan on 13 mile road just west of Hoover. See you there!


2024 Will Be a GREAT Car Cruise Season! Come Hang With The Club!