Hi All,
If you are new to the website or are wondering what are some of the things that Twisted Axle does, here is an example of how we look out for each other. We created the Road to Recovery Program as a way to help people that may be going through health issues. Here is a recent write up and update in a newsletter to club members.
I would like to THANK, once again, all the people that donated money to our Road to Recovery program. Caring and giving back to our club members in times of need is something near and dear to my heart and I will continue to say that we are in this “Life” together. I want to make sure we take care of each other in our car community. The funds collected have been used to purchase double-sided TACC blankets like the one shown below, that was given to my wife, Stacy, when she was battling cancer.
Since the inception of the program we have given 6 blankets to individuals battling some sort of health issue. We may not be able to fight an individuals personal battle, but we can at least give comfort and do what we can to support someone mentally, and maybe provide some warmth during the recovery process. In 2023 we gave a couple of these blankets out. We try to deliver the blankets in person, as a club, but these situations can be emotional, so a case by case approach is usually taken. I may try to reach out to family or friends or even an individual directly. I may do the delivery myself or I may bring a handful of club members. I just want you to know that you are making a difference.
As I mentioned from the beginning I will do my best to keep blankets in stock. We still have some funds to get a couple more. Stacy and I have been working to locate a new company to provide what we need, since the company we were using no longer exists. I want you to know that we are on it, but it may take a little time.
Feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions, comments or suggestions. Also, let me know if there is someone that could use our help. Thank you for your time.

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