By Laws

By Laws For The Twisted Axle Car Club

These By laws were last updated on: January 1, 2022.


Definition of bylaws

The bylaws stated herein serve as a code of rules and guidelines adopted by Twisted Axle, LLC., hereinafter called the “LLC”, for the regulation and management of Twisted Axle Car Club.

General Structure

The LLC is a “for profit” entity, which will act as operator of Twisted Axle Car Club, regarding events, the website, and social media presence; and/or the sale of any goods with the names Twisted Axle, LLC., Twisted Axle Car Club, TACC, Twisted Axle Motorsports, Dynamic Detroit Mopars and/or any modified versions of these names that exist now or in the future.

In-person: The general purpose of, The Club, is to serve as a social organization of likeminded individuals, friends, who are interested in the restoration, modification, and promotion of classic, modified, and special interest vehicles. Twisted Axle Car Club has designated members who freely volunteer their time with the intent to guide, assist in event organization and provide feedback, for their sole pleasure and enjoyment. These members do not have any vested or invested interest in the LLC or the car club.

On-social media: The LLC and/or the car club uses social media with the help of volunteers to promote a car culture interested in the driving, restoration, and modification, of classic, muscle car/truck and special interest vehicles. Social media is also used to expand a brand centered around, but not limited to, automotive based content and topics. The following social media sites and web pages are commonly used for this purpose.

Facebook: Twisted Axle Car Club. Established February 2013.
Facebook: Detroit Area Only Twisted Axle Car Club for local car enthusiasts
Facebook: Dynamic Detroit Mopars
YouTube: Twisted Axle Motorsports
Instagram: Twisted Axle Car Club
Tik Tok: Twisted Axle Car Club Started in 2022.
Social media is constantly changing, so the names above, and/or the modified versions of these names, may also appear in other areas on the world wide web and/or on branded materials.


⦁ Individuals seeking club membership must be 18 years of age and older and submit their application online through ⦁ All applications will be reviewed for content prior to acceptance or rejection.
⦁ Individuals must be vetted by a select council of volunteer members (Club ambassadors (12)). The Club President will review all information/judgment presented by the council and make the final decision for membership acceptance or rejection.
NOTE: The Club President makes all final decisions regardless of majority decisions by the council.
⦁ Individuals driving a motor vehicle during ANY club functions or gatherings must adhere to all local and state laws and meet all requirements within those jurisdictions.
⦁ Individuals can become members, even if they will not drive or do not have a valid driver’s license, AS PASSENGERS/GUESTS, if they meet the requirements stated herein and pay the membership fees.
⦁ To be an official Club member, individuals must adhere to the club by-laws and pay full membership rate.
⦁ Rejection: An individual’s membership request may be rejected for any reason.
⦁ Spouses/Significant others that will participate in a separate, additional vehicle to events or outings must become full members following the rules herein.
⦁ Spouses/Significant others 18+ years of age, that will participate as passengers or attend club functions or events shall be considered supporters/guests of a vetted Club member in-good standing, if they both reside within the same household. These individuals are not required to pay dues annually but are encouraged to participate, donate and/or volunteer.
⦁ Children or other family members, under the age of 18 years, residing within the same household as a vetted Club member, in good standing, shall be considered supporters/guests and are not required to pay annual dues.
⦁ Dependents of a Club member, in good standing that reside within the same household shall be considered supporters/guests and are not required to pay annual dues. These are typically special situations. An example would be a dependent that is handicapped or requires special care to get around.
⦁ Attendance: Club members are strongly encouraged to attend at least two Club events annually. They are also encouraged to participate through social media as well to maintain a presence amongst their peers.
⦁ Club representation: Club members are required to visibly display a club logo, decal, or sticker on their car/truck during official club events or outings. Club members are required to wear club apparel during any official club events or outings. For non-official club outings or events, the donning of club apparel is voluntary, but encouraged.
⦁ Member perks: By becoming a club member, there MAY be the potential to receive special pricing on products from sponsors, priority parking or access at club events, discounts on club apparel or goods. Membership will also include access to website content on ⦁ before the public. Special promotions or discounts are subject to change at any time.

The Membership Fees:

Memberships run from January 1st through December 31st of each year. You may (as a new member) join “TACC” at any time during the course of the year, but all memberships will expire on December 31st of the current year.
The regular annual dues (“Premium Membership”) per year shall be $40. The annual dues for (“High Octane Membership”) per year shall be $80. Members may select either option for membership for each years annual renewal.
First year dues shall be paid at the time of application submission to The Club.
Membership renewals (after the first years membership) will then be due the first week of January every year thereafter.
Payments for each years membership are made via Paypal. All dues are non-refundable.
Upon acceptance to be a member of The Club, individuals will be given a 2″ Twisted Axle Car Club windshield sticker to be displayed on their automobile. This (current year) sticker is required for entry into all (current year) club events.
For members wishing to put an additional decal on other vehicles they own, each additional decal will cost $3.


During Club activities, events, and any online activities, members shall:

⦁ Conduct themselves in a manner that promotes cooperation and respect among members.
⦁ Be respectful to all members and ANY person at any club function or event.
⦁ Refrain from making personal attacks and leave personal matters/disputes outside of The Club’s activities.
⦁ Conduct themselves in a manner which promotes a favorable public opinion during ALL club events and gatherings or even when wearing Club apparel. Situations involving racism, sexism, misogyny, violence, or socially negative behaviors are unacceptable towards club members or towards the public at any time.

Probation: Club members who do not adhere to the rules stated above or who act in a malicious, racist, misogynist, dangerous, un-safe, reckless way or who represent, The Club, in a negative way may be put on probation or removed from the club indefinitely. The length of probation will be dependent on the severity of the violation and will be left to the discretion of the Club council, with a final decision from the Club President. Probation from all club related functions, events and social media will last for a minimum of two weeks, and at which point a violator may be required to apologize or correct the violation. The council will review the re-entry and termination of a probationary period. The Club President will have the final decision on acceptance or rejection in this situation.

⦁ Club member supporters/guests may be asked to leave any club event or function for any reason at any time.
⦁ Not make commitments on behalf of The Club without the approval of Twisted Axle, LLC.


⦁ As a member of The Club, you will promote The Club by helping with the promotion of car shows, cruises or other events via social media, flyers, wearing club apparel, and speaking in social settings to promote The Club and what it is trying to accomplish.
⦁ Members must operate vehicles to the best of their abilities and in such a manner that it will not cause embarrassment to The Club and members. If such a case arises, the offending member will be removed from The Club, or at a minimum be put on probation. Situations such as inclement weather conditions or mechanical failures MAY fall outside this area if the circumstances were not exacerbated by the person involved or in question and that the situation was beyond a person’s control. The club President and council MAY evaluate the data/actions of an event and decide, if needed.
⦁ All Club members who drive while involved in Club functions or are traveling with The Club going to or from a Club function, shall abide by the applicable laws in the state of Michigan, or any other State when representing the club.
⦁ For events to be successful, members are asked to help as much as possible during Club events (i.e.- shows, cruise nights, other events, etc.)
⦁ Any club member operating a vehicle, shall maintain a valid automobile operator’s license, and appropriate automobile insurance.
⦁ All members are responsible for their own actions. You also agree that Twisted Axle, LLC., and/or TWISTED AXLE CAR CLUB will not be held responsible for any actions and shall remain harmless from any litigation outside its control.


ALL vehicle years, makes, and models are eligible for membership, and includes the following types of vehicles: STREET RODS, CUSTOMS, CLASSICS, STREET MACHINES, TRUCKS, SPORTS CARS and SPORT COMPACTS. Vehicles may be altered, built, or changed in such a way to create interest by non-members; or they may be stock, non-altered if they are older than 25 years old or possess 3 or more major modifications, could be subject to approval by Twisted Axle, LLC.

The LLC:

Twisted Axle, LLC. is solely owned and operated by Mike and Stacy Mazelis, Jr. Mike Mazelis Jr. is the acting President of Twisted Axle Car Club and owner and operator of Twisted Axle There are no appointed officers or members with official titles that have been obtained through the voting by their peers. The following members are volunteers and have been assembled by the LLC as a brain trust for feedback, guidance, and support for the well-being of The Club. In addition, the 12 members stated below will aid, as a council, when a clear answer may not be easily obtained, or guidance is requested by the President of The Club. Instances such as, and not limited to, the vetting of new members, the removal of members, to act as mediators in the event there is a dispute or issue that arises, guidance on actions to take during an event, etc. In most cases the feedback of the majority will be used to guide decisions made by the President of the Club. No official Club decisions or Contracts can be signed or negotiated by anyone other the Clubs President.

⦁ Frank Christina – The Vice-President will act as leader to any functions the President cannot attend.
⦁ Daniel Hall
⦁ Jim Moore II
⦁ Steve Davis
⦁ Wayne Solansky
⦁ Nicholas Adamowicz
⦁ Daniel Attala
⦁ Rick Stidwill
⦁ Jeff Falbo
⦁ Robert Phillips
⦁ Jerry Glinski
⦁ Kevin Dombrowski

The list of individuals above are not permanent and can change at any time for any reason. If this situation arises, this operating agreement will be updated to reflect any major changes. Any paid member may choose to no longer be a member of the club at any time.

The President shall appoint any committee thought necessary for the good and welfare of The Club. The President will preside over all meetings called for and will act as leader to any functions or activities held by the club or any other club requesting attendance. The President and the club council will seek ways to help build membership, create ideas, and help promote and maintain interest for and by its members. The President shall also be responsible to plan and oversee the budget of the club funds.


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