Cruising Gratiot Avenue was just something we did back in the day. The Motorcity is loaded with cars of all makes and models and so many of us have the passion for cool automobiles. New and old, performance and stock. It is just something we are born into in southeast Michigan. Lately however Gratiot Ave has been dead. The road was under construction for a long time, which made it a poor place to drive. Several cities also operate on their own with little city cruises, but they just can’t seem to come together and have one big cruise. So, now with a new paved road, Twisted Axle Car Club and the local car guys are going to get together this season to resurrect Gratiot Cruising. Luckily for us, Gratiot Coney Island has given us a nice location to start things off as well as a nice place to gather, talk shop and have some fun on the AVE.. Of course we have to put some miles on too, so take a ride with me as we kick off the season. I expect things to heat up even more as the season progresses and the summer nights kick in.


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2024 Will Be a GREAT Car Cruise Season! Come Hang With The Club!