Twisted Axle Car Club (TACC) is a car family that should always be striving to promote a healthy car culture, help others, drive their ride, give back, take pride in what they do and enjoy life with family and friends. This year a select council of TACC members sat down and discussed all of the entrants in this years 71st Detroit Autorama. Everyone exhibited all the qualities a TACC member should try to be, but one club member shone above the rest this year by offering to help his fellow club members with his time, knowledge and skill, to promote a healthy car culture with respect and a desire to give to others. This individual is Jim Moore II. We would like to congratulate Jim for being this years recipient of a Detroit Autorama entry ($50), courtesy of Twisted Axle car club. Part of our club dues allows us to be able to provide this to give back to those that give to us. Congratulations Jim. Enjoy the show!

You never know, you could be chosen next!


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