We have friends that are currently playing around with various AI tools.
It’s generally a curiosity thing for the most part, but could be scary as well what some Artificial Intelligence is (or will be) capable of.

Do we think AI will take over the world?
Probably not anytime soon, but who knows what this new technology will bring in the (hopefully not near) future.
(and it will most likely be too late by the time we actually realize it, or are informed of it by the powers that be. Skynet, anyone?)

For now, we thought we’d experiment with some simpler things that this AI tech can do.
Like produce images, based on whatever text it is that you enter into their prompt boxes.

There’s many different AI’s out there, and some are a lot better than others.
A fellow TACC member mentioned one he’s been using, with pretty decent results.

The better your description of what exactly you want made, the better the AI responds.
Of course, these tools aren’t perfect (yet) by any means, regardless of your entered text.

As we think the TACC squad should already be World famous by now (haha), we gave the AI one single phrase:
“Twisted Axle Car Club.”
We then let it generate whatever it thought was appropriate for this.

Cars and cool backgrounds were produced.
Not bad for giving it pretty much no guided direction.
(AI’s are smart enough to recognize “some” entered words, but not necessarily all of them. And not all of them correctly, either)

There’s multiple styles and types of image processors you can choose from the 1 specific tool we used.
We selected all of them to create many different examples, to see what it would supply.

The “logo type” choice didn’t do so well.
Apparently AI can’t create (the proper, given) actual words within the images (it does produce its own words though, some even make sense, others not so much).
The designs weren’t bad overall, but when combined with the clip-art type images within, well… you’ll see them below (the last pics shown).

Let us know what you think of these!
Good, bad, cool, not so cool…




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